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Tips for Netball Beginner

Just getting started in netball? Here are some tips that you can easily employ to get your game off on the correct footing.

1. Get fit for the Netball:

Netball is played at a very fast pace and individuals need to be expected to move about a lot, so overall fitness is very much important for the player. It is important to do exercises, workout which will strengthen your core, stability, and balance, improve your speed, and increase your endurance.

Few tips to improve your fitness include:

  • Building your Stamina: Stamina is essential to maintain strength throughout the netball game. Daily running will assist you to increase stamina. This will ensure you’re fit for the match.

  • Strength and balance: To improve strength, planking regularly can ensure that your core is strong. To improve balance, performing strengthening exercises for the arms and chest while on a swiss ball can help.

  • Increasing your speed: Speed plays a major role in the game for the players needing to get into position quickly, change direction suddenly or leap up to intercept the ball. Sprinting short distances can also be useful for netballers to improve leg strength and practice before the match.

2. Practice by Yourself:

  • Improve your agility by marking a spot on a wall and practice leaping into the air seeing how high you can reach. Try and get higher every day.

  • Mark a spot on an outside wall and practice throwing and catching a ball at different speeds and distances. With time your throws will become more accurate.

  • Improving your endurance is key, so if daily running isn’t for you, try taking up swimming or cycling instead as this will help you to boost your on-court stamina.

3. Practice with a friend by passing the Ball:

Passing is the most important skill used in netball, so what are you waiting for getting out there and practice by throwing a ball either on the court or at home. Passes can be one or two-handed so practice both and see what you’re comfortable with. If you’re struggling with a one-handed pass, don’t worry, at beginner level two-handed overhead passes are used most frequently.

4. Practice different moving Styles:

Netball requires players to move in many different ways: practice sprinting, jogging, running backward, and sidestepping in order to be prepared physically and tactically when it comes to the game.

5. Watch/Observe others Match:

Watching other people playing netball can allow you to pick up plenty of tips. Observe movement and tactics employed by other people who play in the same position as you. Try watching professional games online and see if you can learn from the way they move and navigate the game.

6. Try playing in different Positions:

Not everyone finds their best playing position instantly. It’s important to try out several positions to see which one suits you best, and it’s not a bad idea to be versatile and able to switch positions if required. Different positions require different abilities, here are the different positions of the Netball:

  • Goalkeeper (GK)

  • Goal Defense (GD)

  • Wing Defense (WD)

  • Centre (C)

  • Wing Attacker (WA)

  • Goal Shooter (GA)

  • Goal Attacker (GA)

7. Get Proper Kit:

Some basic sports clothing may be appropriate when you first start out, as you progress it is vital that you get proper netball kit that is comfortable and suited to the demands of the game so you can play to the best of your ability. If you’re planning on joining a team, it is likely that they will already have a custom kit that they play in.

8. Enjoy the Game:

Playing netball should be fun. Be competitive, but enjoy yourself too. Teamwork is key so make sure you have a friendly and comfortable relationship with your teammates as this will always result in the communication and performance in the match.

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