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Chikhaldara-Hill Station- Thand Haveche Thikan

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Chikhaldara-An Captivating Hill Station In Maharashtra

Maharashtra's unlock process has just begun and like every other Indian who were dying to step out of their houses we were also one of them but the fear of covid was still in our heart but by gearing up the courage we planned a short trip to Chikhaldara, a marvelous beauty of Nature located in the Vidarbha region of the Amravati district. We thought it would be a nice place to break the chain from the daily monotonous routine and, we can enjoy most of it by taking proper precautions. Citing back to the mythological days this destination is associated with an incident described in our historical epic the Mahabharata this is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka in a herculean bout and then threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as Keechakadara and now popularly known as Chikhaldara.

Best time to visit Chikhaldara:

By the virtue of its location at an altitude of 1100m above sea level, Chikhaldara has a distinct climate from that of the state of Maharashtra. If you're a monsoon person then this will be the best time to pack your bags and visit the destination of Chikhaldara.

(Monsoon Season)

How to Reach Chikhaldara:

  • By Airways:

The closest airport is situated at Nagpur (229 km). You can easily take a direct flight to Nagpur and can reach Chikhaldara by hiring a taxi from the airport.

  • By Railways:

The closest railway station is situated at Amravati (83 km) and Badnera (110 km), Most people prefer to visit the city via railways because it is quite comfortable.

  • By Roadways:

Being well connected by road to all the major cities, the place can be reached easily. The distance between Nagpur and Chikhaldara is 231 km. While the distance between Mumbai and Chikhaldara is about 763 km. Amravati is located at a distance of 80 km from this beautiful hill station. State transport buses ply from Amravati and Nagpur to Chikhaldara and are always available. Badnera is approximately 110 km from this attractive place.

Drive began from Nagpur:

Our journey began on Wednesday, 23 June 2021, we decided to start our Journey around 6 Am in morning. But, as usual, like many Indian trains, we got late by 1 Hour. It was cold out in the morning. we had our breakfast near Amravati. The drizzling rain started which complimented our breakfast kanda bhajiye, Pakodas & hot cup of coffee- the best companion in the rainy season.

Satpuda ghat ranges kept me excited and energetic all the time the view was mesmerizing.

Reached Chikhaldara:

We reached Chikhaldara around 12:30 pm it took us around 5 hrs 30 min Drive from Nagpur to reach Chikhaldara via Amravati Via paratwada by our private car. The ghat road has many photo clicking spots as soon as we reached Chikhaldara, we had come to know that there are around 8-10 different sightseeing spots. There was a tourist information center on the main road, and if you aren't traveling by private vehicle, you can hire a gypsy which was available at the tourist information center, we have hired a 6 seater gypsy since we weren't familiar with roads and also all of us want to enjoy the beauty of nature instead of focusing on the driving in the ghat roads.

We took our lunch on the main road of the chikhaldara. Chikhaldara is the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra, so if you are a coffee lover like me, you can buy some coffee powder or coffee beans, you will get excellent quality coffee powder/beans here. At 1:30 PM we started our Tour for beautiful spots of chikhaldara.

The gypsy driver worked as a guide for us, while visiting different spots he used to tell us the history and the importance of the spots.

Accommodation in Chikhaldara:

Here in the hill station, one can get high-class accommodation facilities. You will definitely enjoy your stay as there is a number of famous hotels situated here such as Green Vallies Resort, Satpura Retreat Hotel, Harshawardhan Hotel, MTDC Holiday Resort Chikhaldara, Resort Mayura, and many others. Get the best resort/hotel in Chikhaldara and enjoy your holidays with family and friends. We have not taken accommodation as we have to leave back to Nagpur same day.

Top sights in Chikhaldara:


An old mythological goes that Bhim killed Kichaka and threw him in this valley, giving it the name Kichakdara. He then took a bath in the nearby lake and it is thus called 'Bhimkund'. One can see many waterfalls view near the Bhim-Kund during raining season.

Gwaligarh Fort:

With 3 gates, an inner and an outer fort, the Gawilgarh Fort is known for its unique architecture. According to locals it was constructed in the 12th Century by the Gawali King, who belonged to the family of Yadavas. The Fort was called Gawilgad because of king Gawali. It was made of mud. According to Volume No 1 of Tarikhe-E-Farishta, written by Farishta the fort was constructed by the 9th King of Bahamani Sultan Ahmad Shah Vali in 1425 AD. Now only the ruins of the fort are there.

View Point:

There are a large number of viewpoints all around the plateau. Each of them has different views, and visual treats to offer.

Devi Mandir

The ancient cave temple is located by the bank of one of the lakes called Shakkar Talav, and the resident deity has no name and is known simply as 'Devi'. An underground cave temple, supposedly formed naturally, has water drizzling from its roof all through the year. The location offers an excellent view of the surrounding valley, the main source of Chandrabhaga River which meets the Purna river on the downside is also there.

Mozari Point:

Mozari point is next to Mozari MTDC Resort. it offers a great scenic view of the valley next to it. The best time to go is early morning because, with the sunlight, the visibility decreases due to too much brightness.

Panchbol Point / Eco Point:

There are close to five hills that come together to form a huge valley in the middle which can be observed from this point. The Panchbol Point has derived its name from the belief that if you shout out anything, you can hear the echo back not once but five distinct times.

Forest Garden:

It's in the Maharashtra Forest Ranger’s College consists of a wide range of samples of various wild animal species and plants that are available for visitors to see.

Hurricane Point:

Lush green natural beauty is what Hurricane Point in Chikhaldhara offers. An incredible view is what this point endows us with.


Muktagiri is a famous pilgrimage center dedicated to Jainism. It is a collection of 52 temples situated on the Satpuda Mountain ranges amidst lush greenery very close to a breathtaking waterfall. Devotees have to climb up the hill. There are about 350 steps to reach the top. It may sound a bit exhausting to climb so many steps, but once you are up there, the panoramic view of the entire complex under the lovely skies is sure to uplift you with a sense of experience like never before.

Muktagiri is also known as Mendhagiri or the Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Muktagiri. Many followers believe that many miracles have happened here and hence come here to attain peace.

Melghat Tiger Reserve:

It is one of the 9 tiger reserves identified by Project Tiger. It is found on Gavilgarh Hill, a southern offshoot of the Satpura Hill Ranges of Central India. Boasting 82 tigers and other animals like panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild bear, and wild dogs, the Melghat Tiger Project has a total area of around 1677 sq. km.

This was all my experience about our trip to Chikhaldara. Hope this exhilarating experience of mine will help you out the next time you make your visit to this heavenly place. Step out to experience the beauty of mother nature.

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Aditya Meshram
Aditya Meshram
Jul 29, 2021

Great view. Beautiful place.

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